Pittsford Real Estate

    Pittsford is a beautifully picturesque and quaint village, located on New York State’s iconic and storied Erie Canal a few miles east of Rochester. The original Erie Canal was a towering success that sparked the village’s first expansive growth in 1825. The railroad inspired the next surge, beginning in the 1850’s when tracks were laid on the canal’s north bank. Rail fostered the building of coal sheds and lumber yards, along with a flour mill.

    In the late 19th century, Pittsford became the location of country estates. In the 1980’s, the town was one of the first in the county to preserve green space by buying the Development Rights to working farmland. By preserving this green space, real estate values have continued to climb in this very desirable community. Population today is about 30,000 residents.

    Pittsford boasts some of the most architecturally significant estate homes, suburban upscale homes, and many unique and diverse residential neighborhoods. Many high end custom built homes grace the countryside. The school system is considered to be the highest quality with two high schools, a middle school, and five elementary schools serving the residents.

    Twelve churches/religious establishments, ten parks, five championship country clubs, and two colleges are located within the town limits. The area is further enhanced by the presence of excellent hotels, bed and breakfast establishments, restaurants, pubs, and taverns, and a host of other businesses that collectively make Pittsford a magnet for families seeking to relocate and visitors alike.

    Today, Pittsford is much about the future as it is about the past. The Erie Canal is still a monumental attraction because it adds enormously to the quality of life for all and is still a dynamic engine of economic vitality. Visitors to the canal can hike, bike, roller blade, fish, dine canal-side, have an ice cream, rent a canoe, read a book, watch people and boats go by, or take a nap.

    The formal rail deport and yard, Schoen Place, has been adaptively reused and economically revitalized into an absolutely splendid site of restaurants, shops, boutiques, art galleries, offices, and even canal boat rides aboard the SAM PATCH. Pittsford is one of the best “Canal Towns” in all of New York State.