Penfield Real Estate

    Penfield was incorporated in 1810 by is proprietor, Daniel Penfield. Penfield began as a milling town, with Daniel Penfield building the first mill in 1800 and then rapidly building many more. Early settlers were encouraged by Mr. Penfield’s policy of accepting wheat and other farm products for his mills in lieu of mortgage payments until a farmer became established. After 1840, milling declined in Penfield as milling interest were developed along the Genesee River in nearby Rochester.

    A mill on Blossom Road, the Daisy Flour Mill, produced flour and grain products until 1972. It is the only mill structure still standing in Penfield today. It is a Penfield Landmark and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

    Penfield’s motto is “A Town of Planned Progress”. Penfield is a town with approximately 37.9 square miles.

    The Penfield school system in considered excellent with a mix of public and private schools. The district was included by the American Music Conference in its list, the 2006 Best 100 Communities for Music Education. The town also boasts many beautiful parks, 2 private country clubs and two very challenging public golf courses. Pen-Rec offers many recreational opportunities for both youth and adults.

    Penfield residents have easy driving access to Rochester center city via the Route 490 expressway.