New Homes Real Estate

    The primary advantage of building a new home is that it can be built to individual specifications; buyers are more likely to get exactly what they want.  Another perk to building…everything is new!  When moving into an existing home, you might need to make upgrades that may not have been obvious during the home inspection.  Kitchen appliances, mechanics, and roofs are in perfect working order!  Another plus to building a new home will be seen in your utility bill.  As mechanics, appliances, and windows are new, the cost of heating or cooling your home may be significantly lower than an older system in an existing home.

    It is not all sunshine and rainbows when building.  You can run into issues with permits or builder delays.  Also, the time it takes to build a new home can be anywhere from four to six months!  If you sell your current home before the building process is finished, you’ll have the added expense of temporary housing and possible rented storage space.  Also, if a location is important to you it may be difficult to find land in the neighborhood of your choice.  New subdivisions are the best bet for finding lots; however, that means either taking a chance on a location that is not established yet or settling for an area that does not meet all your criteria.

    The bottom line: if your ultimate goal is to have the perfect home that meets your every desire (and you have the time and cash), then building a new home may be the right path for you.